The females the Women’s March ignored.

In Washington DC, and around the globe, protesters took to the streets to announce their distaste for some of the rhetoric, and plans which may come to light of the new US President Donald Trump. Barely in office for 24 hours, we aren’t totally sure what his term will hold, but embracing their right of free speech, women and supporters, are standing up to protect their futures.

People are marching for many reasons, amongst the loudest are the right for women to control their own bodies. Also, to reprimand the things said by Trump about what he could do to women because he’s famous. Whether Trump’s comments on a decades old video were grandstanding or not, if we are appalled by the idea that a person could touch someone intimately without consent, rape someone, or otherwise harm them in some way, it’s encouraging that someone will stand up and say “This is wrong.”

However, 99% of the people in with the protest, are marching for only human females, failing to recognize that those things they’re against, they’re causing to others, and for the same reasons injustice takes place against other humans.

Cows are often restrained to make them pregnant. They have instruments, and whole arms, pushed inside their bodies, to create babies who will then be taken from them – so we can have dairy.

There are thousands of mother dogs who will be restrained too, to produce puppies over, and over, so they can be sold for profit.

There are mares who are kept in a continual cycle of pregnancy, and confined so their urine can be collected for menopause medications which have alternatives. Their babies are a waste product.

There are ewes whose lambs will be taken and killed for Easter, to celebrate Jesus, and “life”.

There are hens who lay eggs over, and over, in darkness and squalor, until they’re spent, and slaughtered when they’re no use.

And each of them will go ignored. No march for those females in Washington. Quite the opposite, how many people will go home from the gathering to eat the flesh of some soul who had no right to their own bodies?

If we decide that “all have rights”, we cannot draw the line at only those who look like us. For if we do, how are we any different from the ideology we’re supposed to be rejecting?

If we’re marching, or supporting the Women’s March, we need to be in it for ALL females, because anything else, considering what we do to non human ones, makes us hypocrites.


18 thoughts on “The females the Women’s March ignored.

  1. Excellent.

    If only we could get protests like this for the animals, the ones who really suffer, we might actually help them.

    But the women who have been marching are too self-absorbed, too focused on their own grievances, and too driven by their hatred of Trump to think of other species.


  2. Agreed 100%. Great Article. Thank You Tasha Sainsbury and Roland.

    This Woman’s March was a Charade. It was, it remains, a ruse.

    Of course ALL the ‘reporters’ and ‘announcers’ from the News Media, especially CNN – owned and controlled by so-called ‘liberals’ – promoted the Charade and the ruse; trying desperately to give it credence.

    95% of what these ‘CRAZED WOMEN’ leaders spoke about at the March (with some ‘men’) is either already Policy or has been agreed to by Mr. Trump and his “TEAM’.
    Sure there are a few ‘issues’ that remain unclear or that President Trump and his “Team” disagree with, but to say – as these CRAZED WOMEN leaders did – that everything they ‘stand for’ is lacking under President Trump and his “Team” is a downright LIE; it is the usual ‘clever’ twisting of the Truth; telling half-Truths and out-and-out LIES about Mr. Trump and his “Team” by these liberal Democratic non-Christians (lDnC).

    If all these ‘issues’ raised by these CRAZED WOMEN leaders is indeed lacking WHAT AN INDICTMENT AGAINST THE LAST PRESIDENT AND HIS 8 YEAR ‘REIGN’/rule hey !

    With these CRAZED WOMEN leaders raising all these things that they say is lacking …. but President Trump has only been in Office for 1 day how can HE be BLAMED ? Surely if these CRAZED WOMEN who led the March were Honest – WHICH THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT THEY ARE ACTUALLY VERY DIS-HONEST – they would acknowledge that it is the fault/failing of the last President over the past 8 years of failing/s. Surely !

    These CRAZED WOMEN leaders – like that Horrid Rude Nasty dis-Honest ‘woman’ Warren – with her following of ‘movie-stars’ – together with every person-of-colour who spoke – are themselves the racists and the ‘Nation Dividers’ NOT President Trump and his “Team”.

    Did you notice …. while these CRAZED WOMEN leaders were speaking Hate and racism and promoting ‘National Division’ your President and your vice-President and their Families were in Church received much-needed Prayers from other sort of LEADERS – men and woman of GOD ! Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.

    Come, join me in Prayer for your President Mr. Donald J Trump and for his Elegant wife and his Articulate Children and his “Team”; that GOD will Bless them; that GOD will Bless ALL the People of America; that President Trump will be the sort of Christian President that YOU would want him to be, Pleasing in the Sight of GOD. amen.

    Lord Bless (no offense meant), love Michael (heart).

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    • I agree with you. I can think of billions of reasons to take to the streets in protest, one for each animal tortured and killed by humans. But this march was a demonstration of arrogance and excesses of a bunch of self-absorbed immature people taking to streets and throwing tantrums because they didn’t get their way
      There was not a single issue that anyone could take seriously. All they had was some over the top symbolism, promoting more racial division that started with 0bama the jackass.

      Thank God 0bama is gone, now if we could get rid of his legacy of arrogance, excess and racism we can start rebuilding this country.

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    • By the way, I am an atheist and pro-choice. But I still agree with you about this march, it was an over the top farce organized by a bunch of self-centered spoiled brats with no real agenda except to shout and throw tantrum because queen Hillary was too crooked to win.

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    • You write this:
      “Come, join me in Prayer for your President Mr. Donald J Trump and for his Elegant wife and his Articulate Children and his “Team”; that GOD will Bless them; that GOD will Bless ALL the People of America; that President Trump will be the sort of Christian President that YOU would want him to be, Pleasing in the Sight of GOD. amen.”

      Oy. I hope you aren’t serious.


  3. The women’s who march ignored other females, because the women who marched are a bunch of self absorbed silly women (if indeed they were all women) with inflated sense of importance and double standards. I wish I could quit human species. I can stand very few of the 7.3 billion of us these days.

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  4. I must thank TY for allowing me to share this information on my blog.
    I have been dormant for a while but now that there is a buffoon and his cronies that are in the majority, it is time to do what I can to get out information to fight in this battle to save, not only America’s progress, but progress around the world.


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