Say A Prayer For Animals, But DO Something Too.

For animal lovers, it’s rare a Facebook session doesn’t include one or more pleading stories from death row animals, or shelters desperately trying to find homes for some of the creatures who pass through their doors. For advocates and cross posters, there are so many of these posts that it’s hard to make a soul stand out, and get the best chance.

A particularly sad case passed my news feed recently, in which an old dog was killed in a “shelter” because no one came forward to adopt him. The post had 52 “Likes” and sad face reactions, 11 Shares, and 233 comments. Scrolling through them, I noticed that around 90% were “Sending prayers”, and Facebook’s new filtering system had hidden people pledging money, and transport for anyone able to get the dog out. The pledges more than covered the old boys adoption fees, in time, but they were seen too late.

This is also true in the majority of cases, that the amount of comments on a plea, although well meaning, far outweigh the shares of a post, which do more to help the situation than stating “I hope someone saves this cat”. Sometimes it’s making it harder to.

We have so many animals in need, but we’re sabotaging efforts to save them, by clogging up threads with genuine, but unhelpful comments – burying pledges/home/help offers in a sea of “prayers”. A missed home offer literally means the difference between life and death for these animals.

ACT instead.

If we truly subscribe to a religious life, we also have to understand that no God is there to fix everything. He, or She, is an enabler – putting us in situations we can help. Social media is a platform which can be used by every user to make a difference regardless of your ability to help in any other way, and the simple act of sharing a post could put the animal in front of those who can help them; for all you know, you were meant to see that post, and share it because the person who can help the animal is on your list.

Wishing the animals well is a wonderful thing, but we don’t need to publicly announce we hope they’re saved – no decent person would wish them dead, and whomever it is you’re praying to, isn’t sitting online.

By all means, say a prayer, as you share. But please, for the love of God, it’s time to stop commenting with things that people can’t use to save the poor souls in need. You mean well, but considerate action, can make your wishes achieve something.

If you can offer practical help, say so, but otherwise, think it, feel it, but keep it in your heart, and let relevant information be in the spotlight.


7 thoughts on “Say A Prayer For Animals, But DO Something Too.

  1. I could not agree more…and the comments that really make me angry are all the comments that say “someone save this animal!” I want to go to their homes and yell:YOU are someone. Stop asking everyone else to do something YOU are not willing to do. Either help, or shut up.

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    • Yes, Jane!! Thank you! We can all do SOMETHING. It’s far too easy to sit and wait for someone else to – but that’s how we ended up here in the first place; not just for animals either.

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  2. Sadly, social media with all its clicking and commenting offers the illusion of accomplishing something. In the meantime that poor old dog who might have been helped without all the verbal clutter and praying found his “forever loving home” in a landfill.

    Maybe if God cared about him and had shown him any mercy, he wouldn’t have ended up in a shelter.

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    • Exactly. I wanted to hit my head off the desk yesterday, my feed was FULL of it, and I know people mean well, but they’re only making themselves feel better – it just does not help. It isn’t only the prayers of course – sometimes people say “Poor baby”, throw up a sad face, and they’re on their way. Social media can be a GREAT tool, but it also made us lazy.

      If it truly was that old boys time, and all of this was a “plan”, there was no reason that he couldn’t have passed softly in his sleep, rather than on a steel table, or cold floor, in a place he was just a number.

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